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Oral translators and interpreters provided for business and private tours to Kiev Ukraine. English - Russian, Ukrainian interpreting.

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Interpreting services for business negotiations, conferences, etc.
Interpretation services in Kiev.

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Our Interpreters in Kiev will help you to overcome all the language barriers in the capital of Ukraine.

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Our German Interpreters in Kiev price is just € 20 Euro an hour (consecutive German interpreter) and our prices for business & technical German interpreters in Kiev, Ukraine are negotiable.

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Kyiv Airport Transfers provided on demand for the travellers in Kiev.

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Our Interpreters in Kyiv will help you break the language barriers.

If you need an attractive female interpreter for english/ukrainian translation help at the important personal meetings and to act as an assistant, tour guide & advisor

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If you require Kiev interpreter for Russian/English translation help at the very important business meeting, event or presentation or a good interpreter in Kiev...

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Buy French Interpreters in Kiev price is just € 20 Euro an hour (consecutive French interpreter) and our prices for business & technical French interpreters in Kiev, Ukraine are negotiable.

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If you require Kiev interpreter for Russian/English translation help at the very important business meeting, event or presentation...

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Kiev Interpreting for trade fairs.
English Interpreter for exhibitions.


Client Testimonials!

You are welcome to read feed-back we received from our Kiew clients. Our English, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian Kiev interpreters are always ready to provide you assistance in Ukraine.

We work with the Clients & surely for the Clients in Kiev, Ukraine.

* Techological Equipment Co. - John Briant, USA :
"Professional Kiev interpreter services is exactly what our business trip to Ukraine in January of 2010 has been lacking. Thank you for your prompt and efficient services. It's the Best deal we've made this year. We were very satisfied with our project. Great job!!! We hope to become your regular customers and keep on working together".

* Kiev, Ukraine traveler - Lucie Brulee, France:
"Excellent Job! We thank you Sergey! It is just what we had hoped you would do for us. Our Kiev translator Sergey was very experienced, reliable and really friendly person to work with. Thanks to the staff of for everything you have done and continue to do for us. If everyone could be as customer oriented as you, life would be much easier for ordinary people"...

* Kiev, Ukraine tourist - Stephen John Hood, UK:
"Your service was excellent and should I travel to Kiev again (and I hope that I do) I would have no hesitation in requesting your interpreter services, the trip was made so much easier. My interpreter even helped at the airport. I wanted to say Thanks for organising and managing everything in Kiev".

* Kiev, Ukraine traveler - Patrick McDonald, USA:
"Thanks for providing your Ukrainian English translator. She was really pleasant, patient and knowledgeable throughout the day for a new visitor to Kiev. I'm very appreciative of the service your company was able to offer for me. Thanks to your translator. Much obliged for great hospitality and look forward to using translator services again".

* Blount Europe S.A. Manager - Erik Van Horen:
"Dear Kiev Interpreter network, We have only good comments about the co-operation. The interpreter did a very good job and was reliable, efficient and thinking together with us to better communicate with our contacts. I thank you also for your back up".

* Kiev, Ukraine tourist - Mr. Bill Fr. Ringly, Europe:
"I liked the service of your Kiev female translator. She was a supurb translator: hard-working, friendly and very professional. Your translator is very skilled in English and has an outstanding vocabulary. She by far exceeded my expectations.I would happily order translators from your Kiev network again".

* Kiev Businessman - Mr. Bruce Shore, Canada:
"I would like to commend and thank your Kiev Interpreter service for a male interpreter. He is an excellent interpreter, talented, hard working , & was very very helpful. I will reserve him again if I come back to Kiev city. I really appreciate the brilliant service that I have received. I have no doubts in recommending your Kiev interpreters to anyone".

* Kiev Businessman -Mr. Jim Carr, United States:
"There is really only one reason I am taking the time to send you a feedback - I want to tell you how wonderful my guide through Kiev on Saturday and Sunday was. She was articulate, knowledgeable, patient, flexible and thanks to her impeccable English we communicated very easily and in a very relaxed manner. The two days I spent with your guide showing me the city were two of the most enjoyable days I have ever spent on my travels".


* Kiev traveller - Mr. Robert Gernhard, Germany :
"If you ever have any stubborn people like me,let them read this.:) These interpreters provide great service and competitive pricing! Quality english-ukraine interpreting work as I was expecting. Your Kiev interpreter service is worth much more than I paid cause friendly and courteous people are always nice to do business with ".

* Entrepreneur - Mr. Ryan Smith Jr. , USA:
"At first, I was very sceptical as most of us ordering interpreters on the web, but as good luck would have it your Kiev interpreter network had really helped my business. My Kiev interpreter was Perfect ( I mean it ). I knew I could rely on my russian interpreter Marina to avoid all problems with the paperwork which was crucial. I'm very grateful to my Kiev interpreter Marina for her help".

* Kiev, Ukraine tourist - Makoto Ichikawa, Japan:
"Thank you for your quick and kind supports for my trip to Kiev. Your Kiev guide-interpreter was quite good for me to travel around for a short time. I am quite satisfied with your service. I would introduce your company and your Kiev guide-interpreter service to my friends! Thank you very much"!

* Kiev UA. Businessman - Adrian Martins, Europe:
"Kiev female interpreter I hired from your company in February 2010 was very good and professional. Her translation during our business meeting and presentation helped a lot. What I also liked was Kiev airport pickup service and some sightseeing as well. I will definitely recommend my partners to book interpreters from your service this year".

* Kiev, Ukraine traveler - Joseph McBright, USA:
"This was the second time that I contacted your Kiev office for translator assistance and both times I received wonderful travel support and good quality translator help. I never hesitate doing business with you! Thank you for helping me out".

* Kiev, Ukraine traveler - Mr. Carl Long, USA:
"I enjoyed your guide-interpreter's company very much! She is very professional and showed me the sights which I asked to see in an efficient and well planed manner.If I return to Kiev I feel that I would have no second thoughts about contacting you again if I felt the need for a good interpreter".

* Kiev, Ukraine tourist - Mr. Joe Couture, USA:
"Our Kiev guide was outstanding. She exceeded our expectations. She was knowledgeable about Kiev and Ukraine, knew how to get around, was always on time, and met our every need. We have used guides in over 50 countries, and your private guide is one of the best! Thank you and her for a wonderful experience in Kiev, Ukraine. Joe ".

* Kiev, Ukraine tourist - Mr. Martin Boon, Holland:
"Here's our testimonial: we had a great tour by Irina. We will surely contact you when we visit Kiev again in the future! Our Kiev guide (Irina) was excellent. We did a tour for about 5.5 hours and have seen a lot of the city centre of Kiev. Thanks to her knowledge we learned a lot of Kiev and the Ukraine. When we return to Kiev (and we will!), we definitively will book a guide interpreter from your service again! Greetings from Holland. Martin".